The Stuffed Ones

from by Yosi



I could be a couch potato
I’ve done it before
I could tell you that I’ll be here then
just walk right out the door
I can see no way that this will ever end
Still I will always be your friend

I have written poems in the sand by the house
that only you have read
the best of secret keepers once done you’d blot them out
so no one else could read what I said

And when we do part
I know not where you’ve gone
Soo I just
sit here on your dresser and wait for you to come home!

You and I, You and I You and I
You and I have always been buddies
You and I You and I You and I
You and I solve mysteries alone

I could be a captain of a ship we sail
to liberate our crewman who is stuck in Jail
And You’ve got superpowers and see through walls
and together we rescue all

and next we’ll fly to Mr Mar’s
and find that martians play guitars
and our space boat floats on by
so we listen and we wave saying see you next time


from Cellar & Sky, released May 12, 2015



all rights reserved


Yosi Mesbah Nashville, Tennessee

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